Erins Super Campaign of Doom

Session 3

We continue searching the area of the building carefully ignoring the room with the spider swarm. Making our way back the way we came, we come to a locked door that is to tough for Loh to pick. Ashley ends up breaking it down. While navigating through the rooms a choker tries to ambush Loh as we were making our way through a hallway. Ashley runs back dispensing with his psionic focus and decimates the monster in one swing.

  • LEVEL UP!! *

We explore the rest of the mortuary without any incident and then return to town to rest and prepare to deal with the spider swarms. In town our characters prepare, assigning new skills and abilities. The next morning we head back to the mortuary, making our way around the outside to the room that had the broken down wall with the spider swarm.

The party is greeted with more swarms then they anticipated but were able to pass doom onto them none the less. At this point, Jeff pussied out and had to leave like a little bitch. Something about being sick. What ever.

Joe said,(And unbeknown to all of us, getting the rest the players sick for the coming week! What a dick…)

Loh, Brennus, and Edith found an extra door to the mortuary and entered to explore. We encountered two undead, and after a lengthy battle where Edith nearly died, Loh and Brennus prevailed over their attackers. After a night of resting and casting of healing spells, all were restored to full hit points.

Loh turns out to be a grave robber, Brennus is sickened….

Camelian stone, light steel shield, scroll case with a scroll in it, and 50 masterwork crossbow bolts were found in the mortuary. Loh and Edith took the crossbow bolts. The Camelian stone was sold for 40 gp, and the shield .

The following day, Edith took 4 points of damage as the result of a bite from the undead. Edith determined the scroll was a Divine scroll for the Shield of Faith spell, which neither Edith nor Brennus can cast. None of the other items were found to be magical. The scroll was sold for 20 gp.

Edith identified the headband and the cloak. The headband is a headband of the strong heart, +1 to all will saves. The cloak is a cloak of resistance, offers a +1 to all saving throws. Edith took the cloak, Loh took the headband.

Each player received 50 gold pieces and 3 silver, except for Ashley who received 50 gp and 1 silver.


I thought Ashley was supposed to get one of those saving throw items? Am I remembering it wrong?

Session 3

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