Erins Super Campaign of Doom

Session 2

Conversations continue between Brennus and the mayor. Brennus gets more and more upset as the conversation continues. Ashley slips out during the arguments and heads to the jail. Ashley goes in and interrogates the prisoner and finds out he was trying to gain entrance to the guild of counted shadows. The conversation between the group and the mayor continue and they agree to transport the prisoner to another town to be tried.

Mean while Ashley sends the only guard away telling him the mayor sent for him. Ashley ties up the prisoner’s hands with rope and tells him he is going to kill him. He tortures him trying to find out the name of the guild who sent him to kill the mayor. He breaks his finger and twists to get the information. Once he gets the information he walks into the cell and knocks out the prisoner. At this point the rest of the group barrages through the door and sees what has happened.

We spend the next day resting while we heal ourselves back to full. The following day we venture back into the mortuary to finish clearing it out. Walking into our first room we are greeted with a moaning call that sends the group running for numerous rounds. We regain ourselves and go back into the room. When we go inside we see a ghost of a small girl huddled in the corner crying. A short conversation with her doesn’t give much information, just that she is unhappy that no one comes to see her. She says that lots of people used to come there and cry but not anymore. There is a chest on the table that Loh attempts to pick the lock on. He fails and is struck with a dart that seems to only do a small amount of damage but nothing else.

Breaking open the box yields various coins of different worth. Brennus continues the conversation. Ashley tries to convince her to run to see the circus but when she is about to leave she stops at the door and starts crying again. She says that she is afraid and won’t go. Brennus leaves to goto the mayor to find out more information about the child. No more real information was gained from the mayor. Brannus decides to take the girl to the house she used to live in through the forest area. Coming up to the house under a large tree we find three headstones with the names John, Kerry and sister Moira. After explaining what had happened to her family, she went to lay down at the base of the tree and disappeared.

We make our way back to the mortuary and load up on the money that was inside the chest. Because of the sheer volume of coins we take just the gold and platinum for now. Moving through the connecting rooms we come to one that appears to have been an herb garden at one time. A tree has grown out through a caved in section of the roof and grass/moss covers the ground. As we start to inspect the room we are attacked by two swarms of spiders. We are able to kill one of them before we are forced to retreat as our basic attacks seem to have no effect.



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