Erins Super Campaign of Doom

Session 1


The adventurers find themselves inside the White Pony in the village of Barovia. While enjoying drinks a storm begins to pass through. A large man enters the inn drenched in water and bleeding from a stab wound. Brennus goes to his side and heals him back to good health. Right afterwards, a large wind causes part of the wall of the inn to collapse and a nest of rats pour into the common area. The group makes short work of them. Afterwards we talk with the man who turns out to be the mayor of the town.

He says that someone stabbed him and kidnapped his daughter. We offered to help and started looking. In the rain, Brennus is able to pick up the tracks of the person who stabbed the mayor. The trail leads us to a building that leads to the cemetery. Loh is able to pick open the lock. Inside we are greeted with 2 hobgoblins that immediately begin to attack. We make our way through to another room where there is a chest. Loh inspects and tries to disarm a trap but sets it off. Inside we find 2 pearls, leather headband and a bag of gold. Loh slight of hands one of the pearls into his pocket before we notice.

Making our way through the halls we come into a room with a sarcophagus with an odd looking head. Taking a few steps into the room the eyes open. Combat ensues and we defeat the lesser vargoyle.

Taking the door to another area, we notice through the hallway that in the distance there are large brown objects that appear to be suspended in mid air. Ashley takes the torch and throws it into the room which causes the webbing to start on fire. The flash fire ignites the room and causes damage to a giant spider that was hiding above us in the hallway. Brennus finishes off the spider with his javelin. In the remains of the room we find some gold and a pearl.

We make our way back through the building until we come across a door leading outside. Brennus picks the track back up in the cemetery and it leads to a hole in the fence. We decide to take our chances and follow the path at full speed to try and cover some ground. After about 30 minutes we catch up with them. Within a round we are able to take down the captor. We return to town along with the captured daughter.

The mayor is overjoyed to have his daughter back. He invites us to stay at his house while we recover and we discuss a reward for everything. After interrogating the kidnapper we find out that he was sent to kill the mayor to gain entrance into a guild. During the interrogation we get that he had a hoarse that Ashely goes and retrieves.



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